I suppose it started in Sunday School; where we were praised for following God’s word. Obedience. Ever since, I’ve found obedience to be such an ugly word.

“Be obedient,” they told us, “and you’ll enter the kingdom of heaven.” Heaven didn’t sound so great to me. In heaven, it seemed all we’d do is sing Christian rock songs and kiss the holy ass of God for all eternity.

“Obey your parents,” they told us, “because it’s the right thing to do.” My parents told me that I wasn’t allowed to date the Asian boy at school or to be friends with the lesbian I worked with at the library. They cut up my clothes into rags because they’d been meant for a boy instead of a girl. They scolded me for mentioning such radical ideas as civil rights and social responsibility.

“Obey the government,” they told us,” “because God put them in authority over you.” The government will pay for a thousand fleets of fighter jets, but not for healthcare for the poor. They throw people in jail for using the wrong bathroom and won’t let my neighbor marry his partner of twenty years.

“Obey the Lord your God,” they told me, “because He has called you to do so.” If I recall correctly, God advocated slavery and rape, and endorsed genocide. He berated His followers and told them they’d never be good enough for Him unless they surrendered their free-will and powers of reasoning to Him.

Well fuck that.

Instead, let me think how I please, dress the way I want, and befriend and love whomever I choose.

Never call me obedient.


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