Aaand You’re Out.

On Friday, I went to a meeting with my CSP (Community Support Program) worker to appeal my suspension from university. I fucked up again and didn’t finish as many credits as I was supposed to. The point of the meeting was for me to convince a slew of professors that I wouldn’t fuck up again. Considering this was my second time appearing before them, I had a hard time getting them to believe me.

I wasn’t totally surprised, then, when I was told after some deliberation that I would not be reinstated; upset, obviously, but not surprised. So I don’t have to go to class tomorrow! Or at all this semester, because I’m technically not a student right now.

To be honest, I don’t mind all that much. Lately, school has just been an expensive source of anxiety, and a few months away from that will save me a lot of money and headaches. Plus, this way I can work full-time or have the free time to finally get back to writing, or doing my little craft projects, or whatever.

Today I applied for a few jobs online – pretty much all the fast food restaurants in town. Tomorrow, I’m going to pound the pavement downtown and see what I can find. Since I’ve already applied at seven different places (eight, if you count both Subways in town), I’m hoping that I’ll get at least one offer.


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