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Aaand You’re Out.

On Friday, I went to a meeting with my CSP (Community Support Program) worker to appeal my suspension from university. I fucked up again and didn’t finish as many credits as I was supposed to. The point of the meeting was for me to convince a slew of professors that I wouldn’t fuck up again. Considering this was my second time appearing before them, I had a hard time getting them to believe me.

I wasn’t totally surprised, then, when I was told after some deliberation that I would not be reinstated; upset, obviously, but not surprised. So I don’t have to go to class tomorrow! Or at all this semester, because I’m technically not a student right now.

To be honest, I don’t mind all that much. Lately, school has just been an expensive source of anxiety, and a few months away from that will save me a lot of money and headaches. Plus, this way I can work full-time or have the free time to finally get back to writing, or doing my little craft projects, or whatever.

Today I applied for a few jobs online – pretty much all the fast food restaurants in town. Tomorrow, I’m going to pound the pavement downtown and see what I can find. Since I’ve already applied at seven different places (eight, if you count both Subways in town), I’m hoping that I’ll get at least one offer.


I’m not dead…

I’ve been absent from this little project lately, but I’m still here. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t, though.

So I’ve started my sixth semester in college, and sadly, it may be my last. Last semester, I was put on academic probation, and I haven’t been able to get my completion rate up to a satisfactory level yet. And so far, this semester’s not looking good.
I kinda had to pick my spring classes at the last minute, since my loan didn’t go through until November, a whole month late. So I’m taking Modern Grammar, Creative Non-Fiction Workshop, Cultural Anthropology, Novel-Writing, and Intermediate French II. I barely squeaked into the online non-fiction shop, but I got in! And I haven’t done any of the work yet. I thought grammar was one of my required courses, but it’s showing up on my DARS as an elective. I have two friends in anthro, and I haven’t done much online work, but I feel like I can catch up in that.

My main problem is the novel workshop. Since it’s a five-week in-class/five-week online class, we’ve been given those five weeks to write a summary of our novels, then a detailed outline, and then the first 20000 words — fortunately, Professor Smith scaled it back to 15000 for those of us falling behind.
I’ve finished about an eighth of my novel’s summary and I’ve done nothing for the detailed outline, let alone the novel itself. In addition, I haven’t analysed any of my classmates’ work either.
Last Thursday, Smith took me aside and told me that I am really behind. Yesterday, I got an email from him, reminding me. He told that I should consider withdrawing from the class. If I withdraw, my completion rate drops even farther, and I get suspended. If I stay the course, I have an almost zero chance of passing, which results in my completion rate dropping farther and, you guessed it, getting suspended.

Tomorrow I meet with my counselor. Here’s hoping she can help, huh?

Where did the time go?

In two weeks, I’ll be done with my fifth semester as a university student. Ho-ly shitballs.

I have a paper to write for my literary analysis class: ten pages plus works cited on McCarthyism in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” and Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron” (yes, I picked that topic). I probably have an exam in geography, but honestly, I haven’t been to class in two weeks. I have a French exam, which should go fairly well.

I’ve accepted an incomplete in my novel-reading class, which doesn’t faze me in the least. Earlier in the semester, I dropped out of an online class on contemporary Scottish authors. As far back as I can remember, I haven’t had a semester in which I’ve completed every assignment, and it’s only gotten worse since I started university. I’ve never passed all of my classes in a semester.

I have no clue when I’ll graduate, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.